Yingru Huang.jpeg

Yingru Huang '21

Director of External Service

Yingru is a third-year Dance Major from the Bay Area! She has been doing ballet since she was five, and has never looked back since! Training mostly at Alameda Ballet Academy, Yingru has also attended several American Ballet Theatre Summer Intensives, from New York to Irvine. During her high school years, she was also a member of her high school's dance team, performing various lead dance roles and constantly choreographing for her high school classmates. Today, she continues her ballet training under the tutelage of Natsuo Tomita, and has since ventured into different styles of dance, including hip-hop/urban and contemporary. Choreography and dance has literally been her bread and butter ever since! As Director of External Service, Yingru hopes to utilize her vast connections in the dance world to introduce the ballet world at-large to UCLA's ballet and dance community, and hopes to spread the love for ballet as an art form to both UCLA and beyond!


Favorite Ballet: Kenneth Macmillan's Romeo and Juliet

Favorite Variation: Coppelia

Other Hobbies: video editing, photography, and music-making